Best Grinders for Herbs, Marijuana and Weed

Are you searching for the best herb grinder to buy? This website is totally dedicated about the top grinders for weed, herbs and marijuana. Your average grinders you see in local gas station are very cheaply made and usually aren’t the best grinders to buy and more than likely won’t last very long. The most common type of grinders is the aluminum and titanium grinders. Which these two are highly recommended because they are very durable to ensure it can handle a lot of grinding and keef collecting.

Our #1 Pick: Mendo Mulcher Grinders

Designed and made in Mendocino County, CA, Mendo Mulchers makes some of the greatest grinders for weed and marijuana. Competing against some of the top grinders on Amazon, the Mend Mulcher herb grinder does comes with a high price. However, this grinder is well worth every penny and won’t ever have to replace it due to breaking.  Continue reading to read more information and features of the Mendo Mulcher Grinder.

Why do I recommend this grinder? First we will start off with the number of sharp teeth inside. It has twice as many grinder teeth than their average competitor, which it has 88 ultra-sharp teeth. This allows your too easily grind your weed and at a larger amounts. With this grind you will always get perfect consistency each and every grind.  On top off that, they manufacture these grinders using a super high grade heavy aluminum. So when you drop this grinder you won’t do any damage to it. Also it has a magnetic top so if anything is inside it won’t fall out and lose your stash.

You can choose between a two piece weed grinder and the 4 piece grind with pollen chamber with collects it’s through a screen and store it in the bottom chamber. Most post like to spend the few extra dollars when choosing between the two because who wouldn’t want that extra compartment to collect and store it?

Grinders come in all different sizes and mainly all one shape. When it comes to choosing, it can be hard due to so many to choose from. However, we have narrowed the search down so well, it’s never been easier to pick a herb grinder. Let’s check out some most durable and quality grinders for stoners and herbalist below.

What is a grinder?

It’s a small gadget that is used to grind herbs, weed, or marijuana to make it easier to smoke without getting your fingertips all sticky. Also people say when you use your fingers to break it up you are losing THC. Having a bud grinder that catches keef ensure to get all your money’s worth. Grinders usually come with two or 4 chambers depending if it has a keef catcher. They also come in small, medium and large sizes that will work better for larger quantities.

Grinder material is important because…

When shopping for a grinder for herbs it’s important to check out a few things out about it. You always want to be sure you’re buying a quality and durable grinder. So check the material it’s made out of is crucial for daily users.  There are a few different types of grinder which are listed below.

  • Aluminum Grinders – They are by far the best grinder to buy regardless. The most common good grinders aremade out of aluminum because it makes them super durable and long lasting. I’m sure you don’t want to be replaced your weed grinder over and over every month due to poor quality material. They are the most common grinder with keef catch attached with are usually 3 chambers.
  • Wooden Grinders – They are cool grinders for showing off and slight use. They work amazing and very cool and unique looking but they just aren’t as durable and aluminum grinders. Even the best wooden grinders normal don’t come with a keef catch because of the material it’s made out of. Typically they are only one chamber grinders.
  • Acrylic Grinders – These are the most common grinder you will find in your local store or head shop. They are not the best grinders but they work well and usually don’t have a keef catcher. You don’t seem too many keef chamber grinders made out of acrylic. That’s way getting an aluminum grinder is best for herbs because they can save and collect keef.

More Herb Grinders Reviwed

Reading reviews on the best grinder is always smart. See how other people rate the product to ensure you are getting the best one for the money. Last thing anyone wants it to spend money that goes to a peice of junk grinder. Spend the few extra bucks on durable titainumn grinder that will last forever and get the job down right the first time. Here below are some best-selling grinders you can buy.

Cali Crusher

The Cali crush grinders are great and reliable that will also last a lifetime. They’re most popular grinders are the crank top grinder, the 2-piece grinder and the 4-piece grinder that have keef catchers. They are also very affordable grinders for anyone who likes to smoke a lot or even a little. They have several sleek styles that you can check out and see which you like the best. Click here to see all Cali crush grinders. Check the different size they have to offer as well, which include; small, medium and larger. All in all, Cali Crush marijuana grinders are some of the best on the market and are worth every cent, and will last forever.

Space Case

Space case grinders are very well known for their toughness and durability. This is the grinder you can use day in and day out that will last a life time. They are made out of aluminum and coast with titanium which give it that sleek design to impress your friends. You have a few different options when choosing a space case grinder for bud. They have different size and number of chamber grinders for your needs. I recommend the 4 chamber space cases because you can collect the keef. It also include a durable screen, a brush and press to clean the screen and to round up the keif.


Sharpstone grinders are a widely known brand on the market. They have some many different quality grinders to choose from, one chamber, two chamber or even 3 chamber grinders. When it comes to sharpstone, they build their grinder super durable that can handle being dropped on all surface. However, after so many drops the grinder will nature start to recieve dings and nicks. They also have some very unique designed clear top grinders so you can see that wonderful smelling herb get grinded.

Indian Crusher

If you’re looking for a cheap best herb grinder that will get the job done with a little budget these are the ones for you.  For only about $10 you can choose from 3-4 different sizes such as the, 2”, 2.5”2.2” and 1.6”. Most Indian crusher’s come as 4 pc and do have a pollen catcher with free pollen scraped to ensure no pollen is left behind and wasted. The Indian crusher is one of the best to choose from with a very low budget but looking for something that’s reliable at the same time. They all come with a lifetime warranty to back-up their quality. Click here to see all sizes.

How to choose Video Tips & Guide

Watch this short video on how to find a quality grinder and what to look for. It’s always to take the extra steps when choosing what grinder to buy. The more you know and learn about grinder the better off you are. Choosing the one that’s the right size and material for your needs and approval is the key to successful buying.


Higest Rated Grinder is the Space Case Grinder 4 Piece

For people who are looking for the best grinder we would recommend you to buy the Space Case 4 piece marijuana grinder. It’s a one of the most expensive grinder but the high performance and great quality make it worth every penny. By far I think and other will agree I’m sure, Spacecase, makes some of the greatest grinders you can buy. Reading review from all over the web we have concluded that Space Case Grinders are the greatest one money can buy.